Air Conditioner Preseason Tune-up: Cleaning the Condenser Coil

Air Conditioner Repair Richardson, TX by A#1 Air

Air Conditioner Repair Richardson, TX by A#1 Air

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Air Conditioners function by exchanging temperature from inside the building to the outside air. To do this some very basic refrigeration principles have to take place. One of the most critical bits that make this kind of happen may be the condenser coil. This is usually the aluminum coil the actual surrounds the environment conditioning converter.

What happens inside of this out of doors unit is an extremely basic change of state in the refrigerant inside the air conditioning unit. The refrigerant that changes from the liquid to a gas inside the indoor evaporator coil moves back to the outside unit where the the ac unit compresses the gas.

When this occurs the refrigerant gas (R-22 or R-410a) becomes very hot. The new. cooled gas next leaves the compressor to get started on traveling through copper lines in the condenser coil. As the fuel cools that changes returning to a liquefied form heading back indoors to start out the period all over again.

Large problems commence when the ac condenser coil fins become blocked up with dirt that the hot fuel in the condenser coils does not cool enough to change the hot gas back to a liquid type. If this happens, cooling does not happen and then air conditioner continues to run but doesn’t cool.

The air conditioner or heat pump compressor gets very very hot and kill the compressor. Therefore the condenser coil must be clean and without any debris constantly when the air conditioning equipment is running. Cleaning the coils is a fairly easy process. Below are a few guidelines to follow if you clean them yourself.

To clean your coil you’ll need few tools. A garden hose pipe with a mister nozzle, wrenches to remove the condenser fan, a garden sprayer for using the cleaning answer. The first thing is usually to disconnect the electrical power to the outside unit.

There needs to be a remove switch involving some type close to the condenser. Then remove the fan through the condenser unit. Typically this will be the top the unit. Your fan can usually be laid aside meticulously without disconnecting the actual wires to the motor. Meticulously wet down the coil while using garden hose. When you have very high force water in your geographical area be careful the water stress does not bend over the fins for the coil.

They are very thin and fragile. If they acquire bent on the air will be unable to unhampered flow by means of them. Using the cleaning answer from the back garden sprayer, coat he inside and the outside of the coil nailers. Let the solution work on the actual dirt build up before cleansing it off. If you are using a foaming sort coil better then allow the foam cook the soil out of the coil.

Then utilize garden hose to completely clean the soil out of the coil. I frequently work from the inside spraying out there through the coils. This is the reverse of the common air flow and it washes the particular dirt out easier. Rinse off the coil with drinking water till it really is clean without having more dust or solution coming out. Exchange the fan and start the unit back up.

The actual cleaning answer for the condenser coil nailers can be a bit of good household better. Many car type rad cleaners will work well. Pertaining to very filthy condensers it would be great to buy a new foaming coil cleaner made specifically for cleaning condenser rings. A local water system and heating supply house should share coil cleaning solutions. A large number of solutions are very strong substances. Be sure to don gloves along with eye safety when working with them.

By keeping your air conditioning condenser coil thoroughly clean, you will assistance to have your air conditioner operating at the finest efficiency probable. A thoroughly clean condenser coil is probably the easiest ways to save lots of electric although running the central air conditioning technique.

A clean coil will permit your compressor to run chillier and help last longer. Your condenser coil must be thoroughly cleaned at least once a year. If within you live in extremely dirty areas like together a dirt road you may need to clean the actual condenser coil more frequently. Also tend not to do issues that would clog up the coils. Blowing your lawn clippings to the condenser coil is but one common thing that happens. Preserve shrubbery through growing in to and around the condenser coil nailers. This puts a stop to the air circulation to the coils. Large blossoms planted also close to the coil nailers can do the same thing.

As you can see there are several things that may cause your air conditioner to work more challenging and cost a person more money. By subtracting a some time to look above things and present it a new cleaning you can save a lot of money.