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Heat pumps, installed by A#1 Air’s Richardson TX air conditioning professionals, are like air conditioners and furnaces in that they are available in a wide range of efficiency ratings. Call 214-613-0479 now for fast, dependable service.

Generally, the more efficient the equipment, the higher the initial cost of the equipment will be. Keep in mind that that is just the down payment on heating and cooling your Texas home. See Denton TX Air Conditioning Repair.

The annual operating cost of air conditioning and heating your Richardson home or business, especially where natural gas and electricity costs are high, and going higher with every passing day. Utility costs are high as it is, and don’t you think they will go higher in the next five years? Of course they will. We will help you determine the life cycle cost of ownership of your heat pump and find out if one is right for you.

Another thing to consider is that a central air conditioner is typically used only in the hot summer months, where heat pumps must heat and cool your home year round. Therefore it is reasonable to assume the lifespan of a heat pump will be shorter than a central air unit. Maintenance on a heat pump are typically higher, too, because the compressor, controls and other components will operate more months out of the year.

Heat Pump Capacity

Your heat pump should be of the right capacity, literally not too big or too small, to efficiently heat and cool your Dallas Fort Worth area home or office. Heat pumps in Richardson sized either for the proper cooling load. Keep in mind that we do experience long periods of freezing temperatures. On the coldest days a Dallas heat pump will not operate as efficiently as it was designed. That is why we often recommend a dual fuel system, where a natural gas furnace provides back up heat.

In the winter, heat pumps work like air conditioners during the warm months, only in reverse. The outside compressor looks just like a regular air conditioner. Finally, natural gas and oil have historically been more affordable than electricity. Petroleum costs have skyrocketed and since our politicians will not allow more drilling, the cost will only go higher. That is why you are starting to see more and more heat pumps installed in DFW communities.

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